Dean and Jaq’s maternity session

Category: Portraits | March 28th, 2016

PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-00My little (well not so little anymore) brother and his wonderful wife are having a baby boy! We are so excited to meet him. It was fun to photograph their maternity session at our studio in Newport. Since our family is big on baseball we had to include a few props! I can’t wait to be an awesome auntie to this little guy when he gets here! Since he is the first grandbaby on both sides he may just be a little spoiled! Stay tuned for cute newborn photos. Let’s hope he isn’t camera shy since both sides of the family are also photographers.
PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-7554 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-7593 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-7602 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-7617 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-7627 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-7637 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-7671 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-7677 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-7681 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-7690 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-7693 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-7705 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-7713 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-7724 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-7746 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-7756 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-7763

Dean is One!

Category: Portraits | July 17th, 2015

PottingerPhotoCincinnatiPortraitPhotographerAultPark-00It was so much fun to see how much Dean has grown since his six month photo session. I adore his toothy grin and his sweet little disposition. He wants to do things on his own but needs a little help from family. He loves when mom and dad sing to him! Thanks for the lesson on fun Dean!

PottingerPhotoCincinnatiPortraitPhotographerAultPark-5306 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiPortraitPhotographerAultPark-5317 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiPortraitPhotographerAultPark-5328 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiPortraitPhotographerAultPark-5388 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiPortraitPhotographerAultPark-5453 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiPortraitPhotographerAultPark-5476 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiPortraitPhotographerAultPark-5509 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiPortraitPhotographerAultPark-5528 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiPortraitPhotographerAultPark-5533 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiPortraitPhotographerAultPark-5688 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiPortraitPhotographerAultPark-5692 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiPortraitPhotographerAultPark-5704 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiPortraitPhotographerAultPark-5719


This little guy is just the cutest! I adore his little smile. He loves to find his toes. What a personality he has at 5.5 months!















Spring Debut!

Category: Misc. | February 19th, 2016


I am so excited to be an aunt again! My younger brother and his wife are expecting a baby boy this April. He will be the first on that side of the family! My family is big into baseball. My brother has been working his way up through the Cardinal farm system as a talented left-handed relief pitcher. This year he made the 40-man roster and recently left for Spring Training in Florida (pitchers and catchers report sooner than the rest of the team to spring training). Baseball and a little newborn – what could be better for a fresh start this Spring? We had the chance to take a few images for their maternity session just before he left. Our studio has wonderful barn wood that reminded me of the old cow barn on my Grandmother’s dairy farm. And my brother who was born and raised in Kentucky – well he is a bit of a country boy. The bat and glove even have my brother’s name on them. Congrats to Dean and Jaq – I couldn’t be more excited to welcome a new teammate into our fun family! Auntie Brenda will be sure to teach him how to play board games when he is older!

Something New Bridal Open House

Category: Misc. | February 27th, 2013


Last week we were invited to join in a bridal open house. Deanna from Fresh Events created a unique event and asked us to showcase our new bamboo print.

“This open house was a great success! The concept of ‘Something New’ is to allow brides and vendors to do what they aren’t able to do at bridal shows. Brides can see brand new ideas for their wedding but to also experience those elements and how those elements could actually be a part of their special day. Fresh Events is a company that helps couples incorporate personal style and personality into their wedding. That takes connections with a lot of different vendors and a lot of thinking outside the box!” Deanna

Vendor list:
Fresh Events
Pottinger Photography
Yellow Canary
Creative Invites and Events
Paint by the Glass
Cupcake Crazy
Cafe de Wheels