Wood Box Design

Category: Favorites | August 16th, 2016

5x7 Box Printed Lidtry_1web

We love to get creative! Our wood usb boxes are perfect for a little fun design. What photo will you put on the front? Did you know you can upgrade your box and add a few favorite photos?

Fall in Love

Category: Engagements, Misc. | August 15th, 2016


With the neighborhood kids heading pack to school this week it is time to start planning for a fun fall! As the temperatures starts to get colder engagement sessions are a great way to warm up to the camera. It is the perfect time to start planning your fall engagement session. Cincinnati has so many beautiful parks it can be hard to choose.  We can recommend one of our favorites or you can choose a location that helps tell your story.

Where did you meet?
Where was you first date?
Or where did he propose?

Engagement sessions are so much fun and we include them in all of our wedding packages. For tips on what to wear, be sure to check out our wardrobe tips.

To schedule your personalized engagement session, please call 513 484-9709 or e-mail info@pottingerphoto.com today. We only have a limited number of session available. Let us help you check photography off your to-do list.

Alms Park



Spring Grove


Creation Museum Botanical Garden



Ault Park

Eden Park


Pumpkin Patch


Cincinnati Nature Center



Woodland Mound


Miami of Ohio



The Arboretum at the University of Kentucky


Riverside Drive



Miami of Ohio

Ault Park

PottingerPhotoAultParkfallengagementCincinnati-00_thumb1 PottingerPhotoAultParkfallengagementCincinnati-9084_thumb1

Just a little cuteness!

Category: Portraits | August 14th, 2016


Over the past few months it has been so incredible to see Kendra and Casey grow together as a couple. The minute I met Casey I knew that he would take great care of Kendra. He is the kind of guy who although he may not say a lot, he means every word! Kendra is a lot like me – we love to take care of others. She always goes out of her way to make sure others are happy and have everything they need. And sometimes we forget that we need and deserve that attention and caring too. Casey treats her like the queen that she truly is and I am so thankful for that. Their love for God, each other and their families inspires us all! Kendra and Casey I am honored that you picked me to photograph your wonderful day! I have so many favorite moments and I am so glad we can relive the celebration through your photos. From the groom smiling in the rain as the ceremony started to the joy at the announcement of husband and wife – your ceremony was truly unforgettable! The reception dances were so emotional with quite a few happy tears shed. And the sunset – is there any better way to end the day than with a kiss of color in the sky? Your love story is exactly what I prayed for Kendra when you went through darker days. Your partnership is truly a gift! May God bless and keep your marriage and as the Irish say “may the best day of your past be the worst day of your future.”
Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Ceremony and Reception: Lake Lyndsay, Kayla’s Korner
DJ: JD Hughes
Wedding Dress: Bridal and Formal
Bridesmaids Dresses: Men’s Warehouse
Makeup and Hair: Micah Crabtree, Salon Columbus
Jeweler: Schwartz Jewelers
Cake: Ilana Wilson
Caterer: Hammann’s Catering

PottingerLakeLyndsay-1 PottingerLakeLyndsay-2a PottingerLakeLyndsay-3 PottingerLakeLyndsay-4 PottingerLakeLyndsay-6 PottingerLakeLyndsay-6b

PottingerLakeLyndsay-8 PottingerLakeLyndsay-8b PottingerLakeLyndsay-9 PottingerLakeLyndsay-11 PottingerLakeLyndsay-12 PottingerLakeLyndsay-13 PottingerLakeLyndsay-14 PottingerLakeLyndsay-15 PottingerLakeLyndsay-16 PottingerLakeLyndsay-18 PottingerLakeLyndsay-18b PottingerLakeLyndsay-20 PottingerLakeLyndsay-21 PottingerLakeLyndsay-22 PottingerLakeLyndsay-23 PottingerLakeLyndsay-25 PottingerLakeLyndsay-26 PottingerLakeLyndsay-27 PottingerLakeLyndsay-28 PottingerLakeLyndsay-29 PottingerLakeLyndsay-30 PottingerLakeLyndsay-31 PottingerLakeLyndsay-32 PottingerLakeLyndsay-33 PottingerLakeLyndsay-34 PottingerLakeLyndsay-35 PottingerLakeLyndsay-39 PottingerLakeLyndsay-49 PottingerLakeLyndsay-50 PottingerLakeLyndsay-41PottingerLakeLyndsay-43 PottingerLakeLyndsay-44PottingerLakeLyndsay-45 PottingerLakeLyndsay-46PottingerLakeLyndsay-47PottingerLakeLyndsay-48PottingerLakeLyndsay-40PottingerLakeLyndsay-51 PottingerLakeLyndsay-55PottingerLakeLyndsay-52PottingerLakeLyndsay-53 PottingerLakeLyndsay-53a PottingerLakeLyndsay-53b PottingerLakeLyndsay-56PottingerLakeLyndsay-57

Welcome Rachel and Suresh

Category: Favorites | August 8th, 2016

We are so excited to welcome our newest couple Rachel and Suresh! Their  wedding next year will be so much fun at the Newport Aquarium! I can’t wait for their engagement session later this year.