Alms Park is one of my favorites in the Spring. There are so many little tree buds and flowers to inspire great engagement photos! It was so nice to catch up with this couple. Their barn wedding this fall is going to be incredible. I love seeing all of the updates to their family owned venue. Thanks for making this session so much fun you two!

PottingerPhotoAlmsParkengagementCincinnati-4563 PottingerPhotoAlmsParkengagementCincinnati-4583 PottingerPhotoAlmsParkengagementCincinnati-4606 PottingerPhotoAlmsParkengagementCincinnati-4635 PottingerPhotoAlmsParkengagementCincinnati-4658 PottingerPhotoAlmsParkengagementCincinnati-4706 PottingerPhotoAlmsParkengagementCincinnati-4737 PottingerPhotoAlmsParkengagementCincinnati-4755 PottingerPhotoAlmsParkengagementCincinnati-4777 PottingerPhotoAlmsParkengagementCincinnati-4802 PottingerPhotoAlmsParkengagementCincinnati-4815 PottingerPhotoAlmsParkengagementCincinnati-4835 PottingerPhotoAlmsParkengagementCincinnati-4868 PottingerPhotoAlmsParkengagementCincinnati-4884PottingerPhotoAlmsParkengagementCincinnati-4895

Meet Adorable Jacob

Category: Portraits | April 20th, 2016

PottingerPhotoCincinnatinewbornportraitphotographer-00This little guy is not so little! He was born more than 10 pounds and has quickly stolen everyone’s heart. I remember praying for  him when Jenna first told me she was pregnant. And his gender was a big surprise to everyone since they decided not to find out ahead of time. He is so adorable!

PottingerPhotoCincinnatinewbornportraitphotographer-3822 PottingerPhotoCincinnatinewbornportraitphotographer-3827 PottingerPhotoCincinnatinewbornportraitphotographer-3834 PottingerPhotoCincinnatinewbornportraitphotographer-3856 PottingerPhotoCincinnatinewbornportraitphotographer-3904 PottingerPhotoCincinnatinewbornportraitphotographer-3911 PottingerPhotoCincinnatinewbornportraitphotographer-3929 PottingerPhotoCincinnatinewbornportraitphotographer-4004 PottingerPhotoCincinnatinewbornportraitphotographer-4023 PottingerPhotoCincinnatinewbornportraitphotographer-4059 PottingerPhotoCincinnatinewbornportraitphotographer-4072 PottingerPhotoCincinnatinewbornportraitphotographer-4079 PottingerPhotoCincinnatinewbornportraitphotographer-4086 PottingerPhotoCincinnatinewbornportraitphotographer-4093 PottingerPhotoCincinnatinewbornportraitphotographer-4113 PottingerPhotoCincinnatinewbornportraitphotographer-4123

Welcome Molly and Matt

Category: Favorites | April 19th, 2016

We are very excited to welcome our newest couple Molly and Matt! Their wedding will be later this year at Pyramid Hill which is a wonderful location. I can’t wait to photograph their engagement and wedding!

The Photo Bus – a photo booth favorite!

Category: Misc. | April 18th, 2016

We love finding new ideas for our couples. When we met Heather at a recent bridal show with her fun photo bus idea I couldn’t wait to share. We love vintage and photos – this is one heck of a match made in heaven! Dayton's-most-fun-new-unique-photo-booth

When did you first realize you wanted to work with weddings?

We first realized that I wanted to work in weddings after seeing The Photobus in action at a  wedding in Kansas City. I was able to not only experience the great quality of the product but get to see all the fun that the bus brought to the wedding. We knew from that moment that we wanted to bring this fun and unique experience to Cincinnati.

What is your training or background? 

We are photography lovers!  We come from various backgrounds one of us being a Visual Arts teacher, the other being social worker and plant manager!


How long have you been in business? Where are you located?

We launched in the Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Dayton market in January of 2016! But have sister buses throughout the country that have been part of The Original Photo Bus Family for the past four years with our first bus in Kansas City in 2012.

Why did you start your business?

We started our business because we wanted to bring this unique fun concept to brides in the Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky area.

What is your favorite part of a wedding?

Our favorite part of a wedding is getting to see people light up when they see the Photobus at the event. We also love getting to see all the fun that people have inside the bus and using all the unique one of a kind props.

Where do you go for inspiration?

Pinterest, Wedding Blogs, Instagram just to name a few

What are your favorite upcoming trends? 

Unique and creative food and drink stations at weddings, craft beer tastings, food trucks and bbq are having their break out moment, adds something completely unique and different from the typical stuffy sit down dinner and buffet options!  Naked and Rustic wedding cakes are AMAZING & beautiful!

What is one thing you wish brides knew while planning a wedding?

That when it’s all said and done no matter what happens it will be perfect!  Brides tend to stress over every detail some of which they even forget to pay attention to on their big day, so prioritize!  What’s important to you? What do you want people to walk away saying about your big day and work backward from there on every aspect, budgeting, time, resources and focus!

Phone: 513-461-3795
Website: www.thephotobuscincy.com or www.thephotob.us (for other cities!)
Email: hello@thephotobuscincy.com
Instagram and Facebook: @ThePhotoBusCincy

This engagement session was so much fun at French Park. Christy and John love animals and work at the Zoo and the Newport Aquarium. So we had to include their sweet dog Panda. Of course they had to hear all about my dog too! I can’t wait for their wedding later this year at the Cincinnati Nature Center.

PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-00 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3441 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3480 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3487 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3499 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3548 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3556 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3578 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3667 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3693 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3701 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3707 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3708 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3734 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3748 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3793