Meet Cute Kate!

Category: Portraits | June 23rd, 2016

This sweet little family has grown by two feet! Newborn Kate is just too cute. And her sister Nora isn’t quite sure about the new addition. It was so great to see Laurel and Mike again and to celebrate their second child. Mike is surrounded by girls! My favorite part of the session had to be singing Five Little Monkey Jumping on the Bed and the fun expressions we received! Too much fun! If you want to  see how much Kate looks like her sister be sure to check out her blog post from 2014.

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A Summer Spring Grove Session

Category: Engagements | June 22nd, 2016

This family was so much fun to photograph! I love that Ella even helped me direct some poses. She is not shy at all! And Melissa and Matt make each other so happy. I can’t wait for their big wedding celebration in July at The Bell!

SpringGrove-00 SpringGrove02 SpringGrove04 SpringGrove05 SpringGrove06 SpringGrove07 SpringGrove08 SpringGrove09 SpringGrove12 SpringGrove13 SpringGrove14 SpringGrove15 SpringGrove16 SpringGrove17 SpringGrove1 SpringGrove03SpringGrove18

Adam and the Girls!

Category: Portraits | June 21st, 2016

It is so fun to see this sweet family again and to see how much the girls have grown and changed! Sydney is 2 and Sierra is 6 months! They are too cute and I just know they will be best friends who get into trouble together (kind of like my sister and I did)!

PottingerCincinnatiPortraitphotographerK-8729 PottingerCincinnatiPortraitphotographerK-8794 PottingerCincinnatiPortraitphotographerK-8808 PottingerCincinnatiPortraitphotographerK-8850 PottingerCincinnatiPortraitphotographerK-8876 PottingerCincinnatiPortraitphotographerK-8887 PottingerCincinnatiPortraitphotographerK-8888 PottingerCincinnatiPortraitphotographerK-8895 PottingerCincinnatiPortraitphotographerK-8937 PottingerCincinnatiPortraitphotographerK-8961 PottingerCincinnatiPortraitphotographerK-8968 PottingerCincinnatiPortraitphotographerK-9021 PottingerCincinnatiPortraitphotographerK-9050 PottingerCincinnatiPortraitphotographerK-9055 PottingerCincinnatiPortraitphotographerK-9060 PottingerCincinnatiPortraitphotographerK-9102

Congratulations to Melissa and Jared on their one year anniversary! Their wedding a year ago was such an incredible day. Their ceremony was downtown at the historic St. Louis Catholic Church. Their fun reception was at The Madison, Emerald Ballroom. The day started with a little rain as we photographed them getting ready but as we headed to the park for their first look we hoped for the best. It actually turned out to be a beautiful day and we were able to take photos at the park and on the Purple People Bridge. To see more of their photos be sure to check out their blog post!

PottingerPhotoEdenParkWeddingTheMadisonCincinnati-00 PottingerPhotoEdenParkWeddingTheMadisonCincinnati-2 PottingerPhotoEdenParkWeddingTheMadisonCincinnati-14 PottingerPhotoEdenParkWeddingTheMadisonCincinnati-15 PottingerPhotoEdenParkWeddingTheMadisonCincinnati-50 PottingerPhotoEdenParkWeddingTheMadisonCincinnati-49 PottingerPhotoEdenParkWeddingTheMadisonCincinnati-12

Meet Sweet Oliver

Category: Portraits | June 20th, 2016


Oliver already has the most adorable little rolls! He has his momma’s nose and his father’s smirk. It was so fun to catch up with his parents and to see them both in their new roll. They are naturals! Thanks for inviting me to document your wonderful son and happy three year anniversary! I love that Oliver was born close to your three year anniversary.

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