This engagement session was so much fun at French Park. Christy and John love animals and work at the Zoo and the Newport Aquarium. So we had to include their sweet dog Panda. Of course they had to hear all about my dog too! I can’t wait for their wedding later this year at the Cincinnati Nature Center.

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Welcome Amy and Nick

Category: Favorites | April 13th, 2016

We are very excited to welcome Amy and Nick our newest couple! Their wedding will be later this year at a private property in Indiana. I can’t wait to photograph their engagement and wedding!


I just knew when I first talked to this couple that we would have so much fun exploring the Cincinnati Nature Center together! They were willing to drive all the way from the Louisville area to have their engagement pictures at this location. And the Spring blooms did not disappoint! It was nice to get to know them more as a couple and catch up with them on their wedding plans. I can’t wait for their celebration at the Muhammad Ali Center in May!

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WindamereWe are excited to be a part of The Windamere’s Bridal Spring Fling on April 23. Come say hello and check out this historic location from 11-3. We can’t wait! For more information be sure to check out their website.

The Windamere is located at 2 S. Main St. Middletown, OH 45044
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheWindamere
Instagram- WindamereEvents

Linens provided by Prime Time Party Rental, cake by Dorthy Lane and flowers by The Flowerman.


I adore the sense of joy this couple brings to each other and how infectious it is! Their friends and family are some of the nicest people you will ever meet . They came from all over the world to celebrate! We had so much fun with the group photos and the groomsmen really got into some unique ideas. And we did get photo bombed by a penguin mural! My favorite part of the wedding had to be watching the couple hang out together. Standing back with a zoom lens I couldn’t help but smile behind my viewfinder! I also loved seeing the watercolors throughout the decor elements. It fit perfectly with the location! Heike and Zach, we wish you two all the very best on your adventures through life together! I know that no matter what you two will always have a smile on your faces and love in your hearts! And a special thank you to their friends , family and awesome wedding professionals who really made this day an incredible one!

Ceremony and Reception: Dee, Newport Aquarium
Park Location: Smale Riverfront Park
Wedding Dress: Carrie Karibo Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses: Carrie Karibo Bridal
Men’s ware: Men’s Warehouse
Makeup and Hair: Anna and Amanda (friends of the couple)
transportation: Ride My Party Bus
Jeweler: Jared
Flowers and Decor: Say I Do
Video: Amanda McClain with Petite Productions
Cake: Patricia’s
Caterer: Elegant Fare
Invitations: Lindsey (friend of the couple)

PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-4541 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-9811 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-9822 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-4564 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-9959 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-9963 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-9982 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-9998 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-0056 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-4582 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-0072 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-0102 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-0110 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-4612 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-4614 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-4632 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-4670 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-0221 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-4676 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-4679 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-4681 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-4696 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-4704 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-00 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-4720 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-0368 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-0601 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-0630 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-4742 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-0796 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-0799 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-1659PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-0844 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-1652 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-0854 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-0909 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-0983 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-1004 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-1049 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-1065PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-1073 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-1074 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-1102 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-1189 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-1219 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-4862 PottingerPhotoNewportAquariumwedding-4957