Sneak Peek Heike and Zach

Category: Weddings | March 27th, 2016



It is always so much fun to see a wedding come together. The vision that Jessica had for her day was beautiful. The ceremony had to be one of my favorite parts of the day. Each mother wrote a sweet note to the couple. What an emotional celebration! At the reception the Game of Thrones groom’s cake was incredible. I don’t know how they ate it because it was too pretty to eat! And I loved that one of their friends sang and played Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Simple Man for Mike’s dance with his mother! What a great song choice. Jessica and Mike we wish you two all the very best on your life together! Thank you for inviting us to document your wonderful day!

Reception: Receptions Erlanger
Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal
Tuxes and Groom’s Attire: Men’s Warehouse
Makeup and Hair: Cat Rockamp and Sweetly Pinned
Transportation: Cincy Wedding Services
Officiant: BJ Stahl
Violinist: Amanda
Jeweler: Kay
Flowers: Inga, Affordable Wedding Creations
Cake: Mindy at Receptions
Groom’s Cake: Gigi’s Cupcakes in Florence
Favors: italian wedding cookies
DJ: Cincy Wedding Services

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PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternitynewbornphotographer-00Spring is in the air and I just love all of the excitement. The trees are starting to bloom and Easter is Sunday! It was so great to see Jenna and Michael for their maternity session. They are due in April and do not know if they are having a girl or a boy. They celebrated their first anniversary in December. I couldn’t be happier for them and know they will make amazing parents! Jenna you look incredible and are glowing. Michael you look pretty great too! I can not wait to meet your little one! And thanks for braving the cold rain for a few photos by the blooming tree – it was worth it!

PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternitynewbornphotographer-9491 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternitynewbornphotographer-9494 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternitynewbornphotographer-9523 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternitynewbornphotographer-9540 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternitynewbornphotographer-9553 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternitynewbornphotographer-9556 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternitynewbornphotographer-9579 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternitynewbornphotographer-9582 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternitynewbornphotographer-9615 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternitynewbornphotographer-9632 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternitynewbornphotographer-9663 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternitynewbornphotographer-9677 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternitynewbornphotographer-9696 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternitynewbornphotographer-9702

PottingerPhotoColumbusIndianawedding-1908-2We are so excited to offer acrylic album covers! They look and feel incredible. This is a 12×12″ coffee table book with deep matte pages. Be sure to check out our albums in person! Jessica and Tad’s Columbus, Indiana wedding was so much fun to document. I am so glad that they loved their wedding album but I didn’t want to let them have it. So we ordered a copy for a sample.

PottingerPhotoColumbusIndianawedding-1909-2 PottingerPhotoColumbusIndianawedding-1910-2 PottingerPhotoColumbusIndianawedding-1911-2 PottingerPhotoColumbusIndianawedding-1912 PottingerPhotoColumbusIndianawedding-1913 PottingerPhotoColumbusIndianawedding-1914 PottingerPhotoColumbusIndianawedding-1915 PottingerPhotoColumbusIndianawedding-1916 PottingerPhotoColumbusIndianawedding-1917 PottingerPhotoColumbusIndianawedding-1918 PottingerPhotoColumbusIndianawedding-1919 PottingerPhotoColumbusIndianawedding-1920 PottingerPhotoColumbusIndianawedding-1921 PottingerPhotoColumbusIndianawedding-1922 PottingerPhotoColumbusIndianawedding-1923

Featured – Columbus Magazine

Category: featured | March 21st, 2016

PottingerPhotoColumbusIndianawedding-1909It is so fun to be featured in the Columbus, Indiana magazine! Jessica and Tad’s wedding locations were truly perfect to show off her hometown. The Irwin Gardens and The Commons made the best backdrop for their fun event! Thanks to her Mother for making the suggestion to submit and for the magazine for publishing us so quickly.

PottingerPhotoColumbusIndianawedding-1908 PottingerPhotoColumbusIndianawedding-1910