Family – that is so much of what this wedding was about. To see the love and joy of not only the couple but the commitment of their daughters to be one family – that was inspiring! To say that it was emotional is an understatement. My favorite part of the day had to be when the five daughters toasted and sang their very own lyrics to songs about the couple’s story. Changing the Jack and Diane song, the Brady Bunch theme song – to many songs in between – this was a pitch perfect surprise and so thoughtful. This couple loves music and they attend many concerts. They used song lyrics on each table. My favorite quote that really reminds me of this couple is from Dave Matthews, “You and me together, we could do anything.” A special thank you to Susan, Wally and their families for inviting us document this celebration of love and family. We wish you all the very best in the world.

Ceremony and Reception: TPC River’s Bend
Wedding Dress: Bridal and Formal
Bridesmaids Dresses: Bridal and Formal
Groom’s Attire: Macy’s
Makeup and Hair: Kristin Johnson and Stacey Hirth
Ceremony Musicians: Adelee & Gentry
Jewelry: James Free
Flowers: Fassler Florist
Cake: Bonbonerie
DJ: Jason, Hey Mr. DJ

PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-1 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-2 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-3 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-4 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-5 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-6 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-7 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-8 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-9 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-10 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-11 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-12 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-13 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-14 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-15 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-16 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-17 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-18 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-22 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-23 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-24 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-25 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-26 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-27 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-28 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-29 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-29b PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-30 (2) PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-31 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-32 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-32b PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-33 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-34 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-35 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-36 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-38 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-39 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-40 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-41 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-42 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-43 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-44 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-45 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-46 PottingerPhotoTPCRiverBendwedding-47

Happy 5 Year Anniversary to Jeanne and Mark

Category: Favorites | September 28th, 2015


Congratulations to Jeanne and Mark on their Five Year Anniversary! Their ceremony was at the beautiful St. Vivian Church with their reception following at Pebble Creek. I loved photographing the couple and their families at Mt. Airy Forest. What a beautiful backdrop for so many wonderful photos.  I also loved how the couple did a full swing dance for their very first dance! Jeanne and Mark,  we wish you two all the very best!

Family Fun!

Category: Misc., Portraits | September 27th, 2015

DSC_00 It is always fun to keep up with our couples. We photographed Ashley and Paul’s wedding many years ago and I adore getting to see their kiddos grow! They are just the sweetest! We explored on their property and found a baby snake, lots of flowers and even some deer tracks. It was the perfect evening!
DSC_3736 DSC_3744 DSC_3794 DSC_3803 DSC_3806 DSC_3822 DSC_3834 DSC_3838 DSC_3861 DSC_3863 DSC_3879 DSC_3885 DSC_3901 DSC_3925 DSC_3932 DSC_3937 DSC_3948 DSC_3961 DSC_3962 DSC_3993 DSC_4004 DSC_4047 DSC_4063 DSC_4085 DSC_4091 DSC_4101 DSC_4117 DSC_4123 DSC_4125 DSC_4152 DSC_4270 DSC_4282DSC_4285 DSC_5000


Welcome Heike and Zachary

Category: Favorites | September 27th, 2015

We are very excited to welcome Heike and Zachary our newest couple. Their ceremony and reception will be at The Newport Aquarium in March. What a fun location for their guests! We love taking photos in the tunnels, jellyfish room and with the shark tank! I can’t wait for their engagement session – we are going to have a blast!

PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-00 It’s rare that a bride and groom have such a commitment to getting great photos as we do. At our final meeting Lauren assured me that she was wearing flats on the wedding day and wanted to take photos at all of our favorite spots at the Cincinnati Nature Center. Although rain threatened most of the day we only had a few sprinkles during photos. The fall leaves and rustic log cabin were the perfect backdrop for their love story. And with the gap between the ceremony and reception we had a chance to have some fun with the bridal party! When we made it to the tented Krippendorf Lodge it was wonderful to see all of the fun touches of fall incorporated into their reception. My favorite part of the day had to be running around the nature center with the couple. Even their maid of honor and best man helped with the dress and the umbrella. And the first dance with the market lighting – another great moment! A special thank you to everyone who made the day so amazing! And Lauren and Shaun – we wish you two all the very best in life. We loved documenting all of the special moments of your incredible day!

Ceremony: Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Reception: Cincinnati Nature Center, Krippendorf Lodge
Wedding dress: Bridal and Formal
Tuxes: Folchi’s Formal Wear
Makeup: Mollie, Brideface
Hair: Parlour, Katie Delong
Transportation: Xtreme Limo
Officiant: Father Steve Blum, Pastor Jonathan Eilert
Ceremony Musicians: Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Jewelry: Jared
Flowers and Décor: Blossoms Florist
Cake: A Spoon Fulla Sugar
Caterer: Elegant Fare
DJ: Party Pleasers, Maurice

PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-1 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-2 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-3 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-4 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-5 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-6 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-7 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-8 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-9 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-10 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-11 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-12 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-13 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-14 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-15 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-16 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-17 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-18 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-19 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-20 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-21 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-22 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-23 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-24 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-25 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-26 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-27 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-28 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-29 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-30 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-31 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-32 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-33 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-34 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-36 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-37 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-38 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-39 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-40 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-41 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-42 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-43 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-44 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-45 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-46 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-47 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-48 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-49 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-50 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-51 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-52 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-53 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-54 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-55 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-56 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-57 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-58PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-59 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-60 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-61 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-62