Welcome Heike and Zachary

Category: Favorites | September 27th, 2015

We are very excited to welcome Heike and Zachary our newest couple. Their ceremony and reception will be at The Newport Aquarium in March. What a fun location for their guests! We love taking photos in the tunnels, jellyfish room and with the shark tank! I can’t wait for their engagement session – we are going to have a blast!

PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-00 It’s rare that a bride and groom have such a commitment to getting great photos as we do. At our final meeting Lauren assured me that she was wearing flats on the wedding day and wanted to take photos at all of our favorite spots at the Cincinnati Nature Center. Although rain threatened most of the day we only had a few sprinkles during photos. The fall leaves and rustic log cabin were the perfect backdrop for their love story. And with the gap between the ceremony and reception we had a chance to have some fun with the bridal party! When we made it to the tented Krippendorf Lodge it was wonderful to see all of the fun touches of fall incorporated into their reception. My favorite part of the day had to be running around the nature center with the couple. Even their maid of honor and best man helped with the dress and the umbrella. And the first dance with the market lighting – another great moment! A special thank you to everyone who made the day so amazing! And Lauren and Shaun – we wish you two all the very best in life. We loved documenting all of the special moments of your incredible day!

Ceremony: Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Reception: Cincinnati Nature Center, Krippendorf Lodge
Wedding dress: Bridal and Formal
Tuxes: Folchi’s Formal Wear
Makeup: Mollie, Brideface
Hair: Parlour, Katie Delong
Transportation: Xtreme Limo
Officiant: Father Steve Blum, Pastor Jonathan Eilert
Ceremony Musicians: Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Jewelry: Jared
Flowers and Décor: Blossoms Florist
Cake: A Spoon Fulla Sugar
Caterer: Elegant Fare
DJ: Party Pleasers, Maurice

PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-1 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-2 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-3 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-4 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-5 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-6 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-7 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-8 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-9 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-10 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-11 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-12 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-13 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-14 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-15 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-16 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-17 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-18 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-19 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-20 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-21 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-22 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-23 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-24 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-25 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-26 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-27 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-28 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-29 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-30 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-31 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-32 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-33 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-34 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-36 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-37 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-38 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-39 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-40 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-41 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-42 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-43 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-44 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-45 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-46 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-47 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-48 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-49 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-50 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-51 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-52 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-53 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-54 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-55 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-56 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-57 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-58PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-59 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-60 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-61 PottingerPhotoCincinnatiNatureCenterWedding-62

Welcome Jenny and Michael!

Category: featured | September 25th, 2015

We are very excited to welcome our newest couple Jenny and Michael. Their ceremony and reception in June will be at the Embassy Suites. It will be wonderful to see the city skyline in the background of their ceremony photos! I can’t wait for their upcoming fall engagement session!

Let’s Celebrate with a Baby Sprinkle!

Category: events | September 24th, 2015

Have you heard of a Sprinkle Baby Shower? I hadn’t heard of this type of shower until recently. It is often thrown for someone who is expecting their second, third, fourth or even fifth child. Often close family and friends want to shower the mother with a little bit of love and practical gifts. Cindy recently helped host a baby shower for a mutual friend of ours and she did so much to make it special. She thought of everything. And since she is pregnant and due soon we thought it would be a fun way to give her a shower. The good thing is that she already has most of the big stuff. So we bought her practical things like diapers, onesies, cute hats, little outfits and bath time favorites like hooded towels and baby soap. It was fun to include her three daughters who will all be big sisters. When guests arrived they were greeted with the simplest decoration – we hung an umbrella we already owned on the door! On the counter we had yummy food. The chocolate covered pretzels and oreos had bright sprinkles to tie in the theme. The cupcakes were frosted with the shower colors of purple and green and topped with a mini pacifier. For an easy rainbow food we put fruit on skewers and had different colored drinking cups. To dress up the purple punch we added a rainbow colored tutu around the base of the bowl. After we all had some snacks and socialized we started the first game. Do you know what the name of a baby eel is? There were some pretty hard matches on this cute game! After Cindy opened her gifts we were up for the next challenge  – a physical game! This was my favorite part of the shower. Each guest had to throw 3 diapers into the box from across the room. Sounds easy right? Well those diapers are pretty light when they haven’t been used. The next round each guest had to toss the diapers under her leg first. We were all surprised when Amber made all three in – she did better on that toss than the normal one! The last challenge was to toss them upside down. We all had a good laugh as we tried to not fall over while attempting this one! The prizes were super easy to make. I purchased two cute polka dot mugs and put two packets of hot chocolate in each plus a bag of purple sixlets. For the baby name game I took two glass milk bottles and put bubble gum balls in each. They were also used for a decoration! My biggest tip for throwing a sprinkle shower is to use what already have and make it fit the fun theme. Grab an umbrella and dress up your punch bowl with a tutu.

Have you hosted a baby sprinkle? What kinds of food did you serve? If you need ideas be sure to check out Luvs.com and Vocalpoint.com for more ideas!

This post is sponsored by Vocalpoint.com and Luvs. All opinions are my own.

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We love being in the know about the next big venue for weddings! So when Sandy Meyers from Sugardrop Events and a board member of the local ISES chapter (International Special Events Chapter) contacted me to photograph their joint meeting with NACE (National Associations for Catering and Events) at the new Anderson Pavilion I couldn’t wait! I love that this venue is surrounded by an incredible park. Inside the gray walls are modern and have unique blue sculptures that compliment the Roebling Bridge. The lunch was a yummy buffet from the in house catering company (the Anderson Pavilion Culinary Group). Kathryne Gardette of Prestige AV & Creative Services presented “Are You an Effective Networker” along with some great topics for speed networking. After the event we toured the area and I had a chance to wander over to the rose garden which is a spot for wedding ceremonies. What a fantastic modern venue for Cincinnati with one heck of a view! And don’t you just love the beautiful linens from Prime Time Party Rental?

PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion01 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion2 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion3 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion4 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion5 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion6 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion7 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion8 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion9 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion10 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion11 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion12 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion13 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion14PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion15RoseGarden PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion16