It has been so much fun watching Brad and Tori’s adorable family grow through the years. Each time that Tori has become pregnant I love hearing the news and celebrating with her! Her youngest is now one and her boys are just as full of energy as ever. We went on an adventure together at Ault Park finding the best spots for leaves and photos.

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PottingerPhotoFallCincinnatiNatureCenterengagement-00Fall is the perfect time to snuggle up close to your loved ones. These two are a great couple from Dayton and I can’t wait for their May wedding next year. It was nice to catch up with Kayley and to meet Dan. The weather was perfect for walking around and finding all of the best spots for photos. The boardwalk areas and stone bridge were the perfect backdrops for these photos. Now I can’t wait for their wedding!

PottingerPhotoFallCincinnatiNatureCenterengagement-6921 PottingerPhotoFallCincinnatiNatureCenterengagement-6923 PottingerPhotoFallCincinnatiNatureCenterengagement-6941 PottingerPhotoFallCincinnatiNatureCenterengagement-6970 PottingerPhotoFallCincinnatiNatureCenterengagement-6999 PottingerPhotoFallCincinnatiNatureCenterengagement-7021 PottingerPhotoFallCincinnatiNatureCenterengagement-7025 PottingerPhotoFallCincinnatiNatureCenterengagement-7034 PottingerPhotoFallCincinnatiNatureCenterengagement-7039 PottingerPhotoFallCincinnatiNatureCenterengagement-7059 PottingerPhotoFallCincinnatiNatureCenterengagement-7061 PottingerPhotoFallCincinnatiNatureCenterengagement-7069 PottingerPhotoFallCincinnatiNatureCenterengagement-7082 PottingerPhotoFallCincinnatiNatureCenterengagement-7092 PottingerPhotoFallCincinnatiNatureCenterengagement-7104 PottingerPhotoFallCincinnatiNatureCenterengagement-7112

Every time I go to Smale Park there is a new part of the park to explore. It was so fun to walk around with this couple and be inspired. We checked out the new rose garden, the chess area and the picnic area. It was a beautiful evening and it was fun to hear more about their Newport Aquarium wedding. Heika and Zach thanks for making your session full of smiles and laughs. I can’t wait for your wedding next year!

PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-01 PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-1 PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-02 PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-2 PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-4 PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-5 PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-7 PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-8 PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-9 PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-10 PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-11 PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-12 PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-14 PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-14a PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-15 PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-16 PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-17 PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-18

The first time I met this couple I just knew we would have a fun wedding day together. And every detail of the day was incredible to see come to life from all of the planning. From her broach bouquet from Etsy to the Gatsby themed reception – this is one wedding day I will never forget. The Grand looked incredible and ready for a party. It’s hard to pick one favorite moment but it would have to be getting to photograph the couple alone before the ceremony. Outside their cute little church in Clifton the lighting and mood was perfect. And at the recepiton seeing everyone party made me smile. Jenna and Paul – congrats on throwing one heck of a party and for inviting us to document the celebration! A sepcial thank you to their wedding professionals who made this day one for the books!

Ceremony: Clifton United Methodist
Reception: The Grand
Catering: McHale’s
Coordinator: Sally Slack, Essence Event Planning
Florist: Kreutzer and Doral
DJ: McFadden Music, Mark
Cake: Lisa at McHale’s
Pies: Pie Bird
Transportation: A Savannah Night
Lighting: Vincent Lighting
Hair: Salon Beck
Makeup: Salon Beck and Mary Kay
Getting Ready: Marriott Rivercenter
Park: Riverside Drive, Smale and the University of Cincinnati

PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-00 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-1 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-2 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-3 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-4 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-5 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-6 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-7 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-8 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-9 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-10 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-11 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-13 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-15 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-16 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-17 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-18 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-19 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-20 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-21 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-22 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-23 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-24 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-25 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-26 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-27 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-28 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-29 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-30 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-31 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-32 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-33 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-34 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-35 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-36 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-40 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-41 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-42 PottingerPhotoTheGrandwedding-43


When people ask me why I love fall I think of sessions like this one. The colors of the leaves, the crisp air and the snuggling of two people in love – that is why I adore this time of year. Everywhere you turn there is a unique background for photos. Jenny and Michael it was so much fun to photograph you two together. Exploring Mariemont and Pyramid Hill sculpture garden together was great. I can’t wait for your wedding next year!

PottingerPhotofallengagement-00 PottingerPhotofallengagement-13 PottingerPhotofallengagement-12 PottingerPhotofallengagement-11 PottingerPhotofallengagement-10 PottingerPhotofallengagement-9 PottingerPhotofallengagement-8 PottingerPhotofallengagement-6 PottingerPhotofallengagement-5 PottingerPhotofallengagement-4 PottingerPhotofallengagement-3 PottingerPhotofallengagement-2 PottingerPhotofallengagement-1