Alms Park is one of my favorites in the Spring. There are so many little tree buds and flowers to inspire great engagement photos! It was so nice to catch up with this couple. Their barn wedding this fall is going to be incredible. I love seeing all of the updates to their family owned venue. Thanks for making this session so much fun you two!

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This engagement session was so much fun at French Park. Christy and John love animals and work at the Zoo and the Newport Aquarium. So we had to include their sweet dog Panda. Of course they had to hear all about my dog too! I can’t wait for their wedding later this year at the Cincinnati Nature Center.

PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-00 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3441 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3480 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3487 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3499 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3548 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3556 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3578 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3667 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3693 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3701 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3707 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3708 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3734 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3748 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3793


I just knew when I first talked to this couple that we would have so much fun exploring the Cincinnati Nature Center together! They were willing to drive all the way from the Louisville area to have their engagement pictures at this location. And the Spring blooms did not disappoint! It was nice to get to know them more as a couple and catch up with them on their wedding plans. I can’t wait for their celebration at the Muhammad Ali Center in May!

CincinnatiNatureCenterEngagementSpring-1481 CincinnatiNatureCenterEngagementSpring-1488 CincinnatiNatureCenterEngagementSpring-1506 CincinnatiNatureCenterEngagementSpring-1560 CincinnatiNatureCenterEngagementSpring-1571 CincinnatiNatureCenterEngagementSpring-1588 CincinnatiNatureCenterEngagementSpring-1617 CincinnatiNatureCenterEngagementSpring-1618 CincinnatiNatureCenterEngagementSpring-1626 CincinnatiNatureCenterEngagementSpring-1642 CincinnatiNatureCenterEngagementSpring-1731 CincinnatiNatureCenterEngagementSpring-1748

Spring is almost here!

Category: Engagements | March 8th, 2016

We can’t wait for Spring, how about you? The cold winter has me thinking ahead to warmer days! In the Spring the trees are in bloom in our beautiful Cincinnati Parks. They are the perfect backdrop for a love story! Engagement sessions are a great way to warm up to the camera and have some fun. Our Spring sessions book up very quickly so right now is the perfect time to start planning. Cincinnati has so many beautiful parks it can be hard to choose.  We can recommend one of our favorites or you can choose a location that helps tell your story.

What is your favorite spot for a date? Where do you like to celebrate big moments? Do you prefer a park or an urban setting?

Engagement sessions are so much fun and we include them in all of our wedding packages. What is the best way to get amazing wedding photos? Be sure to schedule an engagement session with your wedding photographer! That way on the big day you are comfortable with us and the camera.  For tips on what to wear, be sure to check out our wardrobe tips.

To schedule your personalized engagement session, please call 513 484-9709 or e-mail info@pottingerphoto.com today. We only have a limited number of session available. Let us help you check photography off your to-do list.

Mt. Airy Forest



Alms Park



Cincinnati Nature Center



Eden Park



Sawyer Point

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Spring Grove




This couple was so great to get to know at their recent engagement session. We picked the perfect fall day to walk around Riverside Drive for photos. The leaves, decorative ironwork and sidewalks were great backdrops. Jessica and Mike thanks for being such great sports and I can’t wait for your wedding next year.

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