When we were trying to decide which park to take photos at I remember Kendra telling me that they were the classic “country boy” and “city girl.” So I knew Smale Riverfront Park would be the perfect marriage of a location for their engagement session. This park is always growing and we had a blast exploring together. Casey likes to fish so we had to include his tackle box and hook. We had a blast and now I can’t wait for their wedding day!

DSC_4002DSC_fishengagementringSmaleEngagement-3989 SmaleEngagement-3913 SmaleEngagement-3871 SmaleEngagement-3858 SmaleEngagement-3832 SmaleEngagement-3813 SmaleEngagement-3804 SmaleEngagement-3778 SmaleEngagement-3724 SmaleEngagement-3686 SmaleEngagement-3680 SmaleEngagement-3652 PottingerPhotoSmaleRiverfrontCincinnatiengagement-3900

PottingerPhotoAultParkCincinnatiengagementsession-00It was so much fun to explore Ault Park with Amy and Nick. And I love hearing more about their story as a couple. From the formal gardens to the trail in the woods there were so many great spots for photos. These two are a blast together and full of laughter. Enjoy this sneak peek and I can’t wait for their wedding next month!
PottingerPhotoAultParkCincinnatiengagementsession-5275PottingerPhotoAultParkCincinnatiengagementsession-5296PottingerPhotoAultParkCincinnatiengagementsession-5301PottingerPhotoAultParkCincinnatiengagementsession-5338 PottingerPhotoAultParkCincinnatiengagementsession-5362 PottingerPhotoAultParkCincinnatiengagementsession-5381PottingerPhotoAultParkCincinnatiengagementsession-5393PottingerPhotoAultParkCincinnatiengagementsession-5399 PottingerPhotoAultParkCincinnatiengagementsession-5403PottingerPhotoAultParkCincinnatiengagementsession-5446PottingerPhotoAultParkCincinnatiengagementsession-5555PottingerPhotoAultParkCincinnatiengagementsession-5590PottingerPhotoAultParkCincinnatiengagementsession-5630PottingerPhotoAultParkCincinnatiengagementsession-563713138904_10153422820787554_4257265905801363555_n

Engagement Wardrobe Ideas

Category: Engagements | May 4th, 2016

PottingerPhotoCincinnatiEngagementWashingtonPark-1663I love photographing Engagement Sessions. They are a great chance to warm up to the camera and to try out some fun poses. It’s kind of like a date except I get to follow you around. I usually start with a classic pose and then after a few snaps you get to break from it. He might want to kiss you on the cheek or give you a big bear hug. The session lasts about an hour and it is a lot of fun. During the wedding day I only get about thirty minutes for portraits of you two so it is important that we can move quickly during that time and I will already have a good idea what you two are comfortable with. Plus on the wedding day we might put thirty minutes on the timeline but in reality it usually ends up only being twenty minutes. Below is a list of wardrobe tips I hope you will find helpful!

Engagement Wardrobe Tips:
Don’t wear all black and don’t wear all white around your faces
Avoid wide stripes or small polka dots
Pick something simple and classic
Wear something you know you look good in (not something new and trendy)
Try to match your styles- either both wear dressy or both wear jeans and a collared shirt
Coordinate your colors
Don’t wear a mini-skirt – there will be a lot of sitting and standing so wear something you can move in
Don’t go heavy on the make up – natural makeup looks best outdoors
Wear shoes you can run around it – we like to walk around a lot to find the best spots (feel free to bring heels to change into when we get to a good spot)
And the most important things: always bring a smile and be ready to have fun!


Alms Park is one of my favorites in the Spring. There are so many little tree buds and flowers to inspire great engagement photos! It was so nice to catch up with this couple. Their barn wedding this fall is going to be incredible. I love seeing all of the updates to their family owned venue. Thanks for making this session so much fun you two!

PottingerPhotoAlmsParkengagementCincinnati-4563 PottingerPhotoAlmsParkengagementCincinnati-4583 PottingerPhotoAlmsParkengagementCincinnati-4606 PottingerPhotoAlmsParkengagementCincinnati-4635 PottingerPhotoAlmsParkengagementCincinnati-4658 PottingerPhotoAlmsParkengagementCincinnati-4706 PottingerPhotoAlmsParkengagementCincinnati-4737 PottingerPhotoAlmsParkengagementCincinnati-4755 PottingerPhotoAlmsParkengagementCincinnati-4777 PottingerPhotoAlmsParkengagementCincinnati-4802 PottingerPhotoAlmsParkengagementCincinnati-4815 PottingerPhotoAlmsParkengagementCincinnati-4835 PottingerPhotoAlmsParkengagementCincinnati-4868 PottingerPhotoAlmsParkengagementCincinnati-4884PottingerPhotoAlmsParkengagementCincinnati-4895

This engagement session was so much fun at French Park. Christy and John love animals and work at the Zoo and the Newport Aquarium. So we had to include their sweet dog Panda. Of course they had to hear all about my dog too! I can’t wait for their wedding later this year at the Cincinnati Nature Center.

PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-00 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3441 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3480 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3487 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3499 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3548 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3556 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3578 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3667 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3693 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3701 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3707 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3708 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3734 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3748 PottingerPhotoFrenchParkengagementPet-3793