Dean and Jaq’s maternity session

Category: Portraits | March 28th, 2016

PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-00My little (well not so little anymore) brother and his wonderful wife are having a baby boy! We are so excited to meet him. It was fun to photograph their maternity session at our studio in Newport. Since our family is big on baseball we had to include a few props! I can’t wait to be an awesome auntie to this little guy when he gets here! Since he is the first grandbaby on both sides he may just be a little spoiled! Stay tuned for cute newborn photos. Let’s hope he isn’t camera shy since both sides of the family are also photographers.
PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-7554 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-7593 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-7602 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-7617 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-7627 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-7637 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-7671 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-7677 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-7681 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-7690 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-7693 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-7705 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-7713 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-7724 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-7746 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-7756 PottingerPhotoCincinnatimaternity-7763

PottingerPhotoweddingawardwinnerCincinnati-1908We were honored to receive this award at the Professional Photographers of Southwest Ohio’s fall print competition. What a beautiful moment in time!


PhotoPro Network Award

Category: featured | March 27th, 2016


We are so excited to announce that we won the best wedding image category at the recent PhotoPro Network Summer Print Competition! Our image score also tied for the third best image overall!