Canvas Sale

Category: Misc. | March 7th, 2016


We love being invited to photograph both sisters for their newborn photos. It is fun to see how much alike they are in this sweet canvas print design. This week we have our canvas prints 20% off if ordered before March 14th at midnight. How will you decorate with your custom canvas?

Abigail is Six Months Old!

Category: Portraits | March 3rd, 2016


Abigail is full of smiles and adorable expressions. Six months is a great age to capture. She even has a dimple that comes out with her biggest grin! It was fun to play dress up with her tutus and pearls and she loved seeing her reflection in the big mirror. Everything needs to be taste tested and her little rolls are just the cutest! Watch out Dad she is a heart melter!

PottingerPhotoSixmonthportraitCincinnatibaby-1 PottingerPhotoSixmonthportraitCincinnatibaby-2 PottingerPhotoSixmonthportraitCincinnatibaby-3 PottingerPhotoSixmonthportraitCincinnatibaby-4 PottingerPhotoSixmonthportraitCincinnatibaby-5 PottingerPhotoSixmonthportraitCincinnatibaby-6 PottingerPhotoSixmonthportraitCincinnatibaby-7 PottingerPhotoSixmonthportraitCincinnatibaby-8 PottingerPhotoSixmonthportraitCincinnatibaby-9 PottingerPhotoSixmonthportraitCincinnatibaby-10 PottingerPhotoSixmonthportraitCincinnatibaby-11 PottingerPhotoSixmonthportraitCincinnatibaby-12 PottingerPhotoSixmonthportraitCincinnatibaby-13 PottingerPhotoSixmonthportraitCincinnatibaby-14 PottingerPhotoSixmonthportraitCincinnatibaby-15 PottingerPhotoSixmonthportraitCincinnatibaby-16 PottingerPhotoSixmonthportraitCincinnatibaby-17 PottingerPhotoSixmonthportraitCincinnatibaby-18 PottingerPhotoSixmonthportraitCincinnatibaby-19 PottingerPhotoSixmonthportraitCincinnatibaby-20 PottingerPhotoSixmonthportraitCincinnatibaby-21

Welcome Christy and John

Category: Misc. | February 29th, 2016

We are very excited to welcome our newest couple Christy and John! Their Harry Potter theme wedding is going to be so much fun at the Cincinnati Nature Center later this year. And I can’t wait for their engagement session with their dog named Panda!