Happy First Anniversary to Rachel and Tom

Category: Favorites | September 13th, 2015

Congratulations to Rachel and Tom for their one year anniversary! Their wedding a year ago was so much fun! The church is where Rachel’s parents were married and it was the perfect backdrop for so many photos. Tom purchased the engagement ring where his father and grandfather bought their rings. My favorite part of the day had to be the emotional ceremony. Watching Rachel look back down the candlelit aisle at her parents –incredible. When we arrived at The Bell Event Centre it was time to party! The dance floor was packed the entire time it was open! And the final send off was the sparkler exit – what an incredible end to a wonderful day! We wish you two many more anniversaries and all the very best in life and love!

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Wood Wedding Print

Category: Misc. | September 10th, 2015


Want a great way to display your wedding photos? Do you love the outdoors? Wood prints are such a beautiful and natural way to incorporate wedding photos into your décor. They come ready to hang!


Happy First Anniversary to Emily and Chris

Category: Favorites | September 5th, 2015

PottingerPhotographyFarmHavenbarnweddingCincinnati-00Congratulations to Emily and Chris on their very first wedding anniversary! I loved documenting their incredible day. There was a little bit of rain for good luck and a whole lot of fun. Their ceremony at Faith Church was followed with a small summer storm as we headed to Farm Haven. But they were both so incredible to not let the rain stop them from romantic photos. I just loved seeing them smile under the umbrella! My favorite part of the reception had to be the couple dancing in the barn under wooden beams with twinkle lights! Emily and Chris – thank you for always being so much fun to work with – we wish you two all the very best!

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