Wedding Tip: Questions for the Church

Category: Misc. | August 5th, 2015


St. Mary’s Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption is a beautiful church with great stained glass windows.

Here in the Cincinnati we are blessed with so many beautiful churches. Go just about anywhere around town and you will find churches with great architecture and history. Back in the day, when I was planning my wedding, I had to look for a church. My home church was not big enough for my guest list so I had to start a search. When looking for your church there are a few things to consider. Also, some of the answers to these questions may impact the photos that we are allowed to capture of you on that day. (For instance, if we are only allowed in the back it is a lot harder to capture those super tight close up photos.) It also helps for planning your timeline for the day.

Is there a place that we can get dressed – a parlor or library somewhere that would be a good background for photos is ideal. Available light from a window is best for more natural light photos.

How early may we be in the church (will there be another wedding that day or a church service before our ceremony)? If it rains can we come early?

When will my rehearsal be scheduled for, what days and times do you have other weddings and rehearsals?

How long after the service will we have for formal portraits?

Do you allow a receiving line? (Some churches surprisingly do not allow these as they have multiple weddings on a Saturday.)

What are your rules for photographers and videographers? Where are they allowed to be during the service?

About how long will my ceremony be?

What are rules about decorating the church?

Many churches are very relaxed and have only a few simple rules. Other churches have time lines that need to be kept so as not to interfere with the other weddings going on that day.

If you have any questions about churches that we have photographed in, please do not hesitate to contact us! Happy church hunting.


With light that streams in through St. Teresa of Avila’s windows this church is perfect for a wedding!


Congratulations to Ayoluwa and Tim on their first anniversary! Seeing her dress hanging in the window and watching the groom’s face light up with a smile when he looked at his new wife – these are just a few of the little things throughout the day that made the wedding unforgettable. But my favorite part of the day – had to be to the reception because you couldn’t help but crack up at the fun! And boy can this family dance! The father/daughter dance was such a surprise because dad had to show off his moves! What an incredibly beautiful wedding day! Ayoluwa and Tim we wish you two all the very best! To see more of their wedding photos, be sure to check out their full blog post and coffee table album.



Sydney is One!

Category: Portraits | July 23rd, 2015

It has been so much fun watching this little one grow over the past year. Her smile is infectious! She is almost walking and already getting into trouble. This family is just the cutest and we had so much fun exploring Ault Park together! Sydney we are excited to document your next adventure – being a big sister!

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